May 22, 2015

XML-driven Plone portal "Onkopedia" finally online

Onkopedia is a medical guideline portal in the field of hematology and oncology. It is based on the Plone content management system and driven by an XML publishing workflow with the conversion from DOCX to XML/HTML and PDF.

I am pleased to announce the official (re)launch of the the Onkopedia ( portal after one year of hard conceptual and implementation work.

Onkopedia is a medical guideline portal in the field of hematology and oncology. It features offical  guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The guidelines and supplementary documents are grouped by audience:

  • Onkopedia for physicians
  • My Onkopedia for patients and their relatives
  • Onkopedia-P for caregivers

The Onkopedia project started in 2010 with a simple DOCX to HTML/PDF publishing workflow. After some years with a growning amount of context, new external requirements it became obvious that an updated infrastructure and a new publishing workflow would be necessary. XML as document standard was directly on the desk and ZOPYX started in 2014 with the conceptual design and architecture of Onkopedia.

The new system features a new complex but easy-to-use conversion workflow with a DOCX to HTML+XML conversion build on top of the platform by Practice Innovation. The XML to PDF conversion is based on the Produce & Publish system in combination with the PDFreactor converter by RealObjects. The Plone content management system was used as implementation platform for the complete system in combination with the open-source XML database eXist-db Version 2.2. The integration layer of Plone with eXist-db is available as open-source project XML Director.


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