January 11, 2015

XML Director project website launched

XML Director finally has its own website!

I am pleased to announce that the XML Director project has now its own polished website with updated information about the project, scope of the project and development information.

The site is available under https://xml-director.info

The development of XML Director made some internal progress over the few weeks - basically the time over christmas was used to think about the design and technical issues. However all of internal code was refactored, the test coverage improved significantly and the documentation of the project was updated.
In addition we will release a Docker based demo shortly and provide access to an online demo showing the basic functionality of the current implementation:

  • programmatic content-types
  • through-the-web content-types
  • XSLT registry
  • custom views for XML content

If you are interested in XML Director then you get directly in touch with me either this month in Berlin (16-26.1.2015) or meet me at XML Prague in February (where I will talk about PDF generation based on CSS Paged Media).