August 26, 2016

XML-Director 2.0 update

XML-Director is our Plone-based integration platform for building high-quality enterprise-grade publishing solutions.

XML-Director is our Plone-based integration and implementation platform for delivering enterprise-grade publishing solutions to customers.

The core features of XML-Director are:

  • transparent application access to XML databases (Exist-DB, BaseX, Marclogic Server), DMS (Alfresco), WebDAV-based storages (Dropbox, Sharepoint) and cloud storages like Dropbox, Google Drive or S3
  • registries for XML validation and XML transformations
  • export and import of data and content
  • a REST API for managing content, workflows and conversions
  • a very secure CMS with workflow support, user and group management etc. based on the CMS Plone

Due to its modular and generic design, XML-Director is capable to integrate third-party conversion services easily and seamlessly:

In XML-Director Version 2.0 (soft-released lately) we introduce some more new features

  • full support for Plone 5.0 and 5.1
  • a new user interface for navigating and filtering your content and data
  • a reimplemented import form for zipped content or a new multi-file upload
  • support for Dropbox as content source
  • integration Twitter and Facebook for pushing content updated directly to social media
  • integration with Nimbudocs editor for building decent WYSIWYG  web-to-print applications


  • an easy-to-use browser-based DITA topic editor
  • a graphical DITA map composer for creating maps from existing content repositories using drag & drop
  • integration with Smashdocs editor
  • planned: integration with XEditor
  • planned: integration with oXygen XML Web Author

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