July 24, 2011

Using Samsung Galaxy Tab on Honeycomb for some days

Some days ago I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 running Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb.

Coming from Mac and iPhone world I did not buy it as a personal device but more out of curiosity in "other" mobile platform beside iOS and for having a device for checking our own website through yet another another mobile device.

Some observations

  • most applications appear unpolished compared to iOS
  • widely inconsistent UI and usage patterns between applications and even within the same application
  • I could not find a single application under the "best Honeycomb applications" that appeared better than a comparable iOS application
  • I like the openness of the Android platform giving me more options as "power user" to arrange my system to my needs and to install "what I want".
  • The quality and stability differs widely...I have seen lots of application crashes - even crashes of default tools like the Market
  • The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is possibly the best Android hardware you can get right now. It's price is comparable to the iPad 2. For the same price you get less. The iPad2 has the better body quality compared to the Galaxy Tab (Unibody in aluminium vs. plastic)

Personal conclusions

  • iOS backed hardware and applications are in general superior compared to Android hardware and apps
  • The Galaxy Tab is perfect for me as a tinkering device and as a toy for playing - as a productivity device I would stick my iPhone in reality.