June 25, 2015

The Docker way on dealing with "security"

RANT: The Docker developers are so serious about security

DOCKER - The next generation bullshit in IT

Docker recently launched the beta version of their new Docker image hub (hub-beta.docker.com), a registry for public and private Docker images.

How serious is Docker about security?

Completely unserious.

The first version of the new hub required a minimal password length of exactly one character. After laughing about their password security policy they changed it to four characters and recently the minimum password length is now finally six characters? What's next? Seven chars? Eight chars? This is the best example that the Docker devs do not have the slighest idea about basic security. All services moved forward to longer password, more complex passwords, two factor authentication and these untalented Docker dev kids  introduce a one character minimum password policy for hub-beta.docker.com....find the problem yourself...