October 22, 2008

SmartPrintNG - state-of-the-art Web-To-Print with Python, Zope & Plone

Our SmartPrintNG solution for Plone is now available since  about 18 months and it introduced support for generating first-class  office documents (PDF, RTF, OOXML, ODT) from Plone content. There are no other comparable solutions available in the Zope world when you compare them based on functionality and quality.

Good things are often not good enough!

It is time to step forward bringing SmartPrintNG into the web-to-print world.

SmartPrintNG is dead - long live SmartPrintNG

Over the last months the complete SmartPrintNG code base has been rewritten from scratch based on a complete new architecture where the Plone integration will only be a small layer on top of the zopyx.smartprintng.core and zopyx.convert2 modules. Based on the new architecture we can integrate web-to-print functionality into almost any Python- and Zope-based application.  The new flexiblilty can now be used to generate complex and layout-oriented PDF for e.g. business cards, flyers, books etc. A custom web-2-print solution does not depend on any specific data source - it can be a CMS like Plone or a database - the only requirement is that the data must be accessible through Python.

Some key features of SmartPrintNG web-2-print solutions:

  • generates PDF, RTF, ODT, OOXML, WML
  • separation of content, templates and styles
  • easy installation
  • can be installed either locally or on a central server
  • client-server architecture
  • support for counters (e.g. for page counters).
  • supports most common paper formats (A4-A0, Legal, Letter)
  • language-specific hyphenation support
  • multi-column support
  • user-configurable margins
  • highly-extensible and configurable
  • cheaper than comparable commercial solutions

What's coming up?

  • The SmartPrintNG server - the central web-2-print working horse - available as product or hosted service.

All SmartPrintNG related core packages will remain free and will be maintained in the well-known repositories on svn.zope.org and svn.plone.org. Further support, customizations, hosted services etc. will be available on a paid basis.

For further questions and assistance, contact us.