October 1, 2009

SmartPrintNG is dead - Welcome Produce & Publish platform

Announcing our new platform for web-to-print, e-books and high-quality electronic documents.

Produce & Publish

  • is a family of tools for
  • converting web-based content (basically HTML and XML) into the office-formats (including PDF) (PRODUCE)
  • publishing it on the web (PUBLISH)
  • supports all important office formats as output
  • supports the production of eBooks
  • deals both with text heavy document and layout-oriented documents (web-to-print solution)
  • supports different backend solutions (free to commercial) with different quality levels
  • works as a client-server solution
  • is technology neutral and can be accessed from almost any application supporting HTTP and XML-RPC (e.g. CMS systeme based on PHP, Python, Java or .NET)
  • optionally supports storage and delivery of converted documents

Reasons for choosing Produce & Publish

  • low-price alternative to comparable commercial systems like Adobe Indesign Server
  • no expensive tools and know-how needed
  • use HTML + CSS for producing high-quality documents  - input data can be designed and provided by an average programmer with HTML and CSS skills
  • an easy and unified API for talking to the Produce & Publish server for all output formats (including eBooks)
  • no annual fees, no hidden costs

The Produce & Publish solution is currently on the way being deployed in several large organizations.