June 15, 2010

Reapproaching the www.zope.org relaunch

After the glorious failure of the new.zope.org project it is now time for anointing www.zope.org and kicking it into the grave.

The website of the Deutschsprachige Zope User Group (DZUG) was relaunched last week and we will be using its theme as a basis for the new www.zope.org site. The new site will be non-member site and basically contain information about the various Zope projects and provide exits to the related existing project sites.

The project will be carried out by following team:

  • Michael Haubenwaller (zope.org webmaster and responsible for the site structure)
  • Kai Mertens (graphics and design)
  • Andreas Jung (project lead)

We will keep the team small in order getting this project done. All project member are committed to the project and we will not make the mistake as in the past where too many people were trying to steer the project. We will present the state of the project from time to time to the public and ask for feedback and further input.

So keep your fingers crossed.