February 14, 2021

New major Produce & Publish Server release

New major Produce & Publish Server release

Today, I released a new version of our Produce & Publish server. The Produce & Publish Server is a REST server that provides a unified API for PDF generation using the PrintCSS approach for a variety of converter tools.

The old codebase has its origins in the years before 2010, based on the Python Pyramid web framework. For several reasons, it was time to trash Pyramid for something better.

The new implementation is based on the FastAPI web framework for Python which gives us out of the box support for building nice REST APIs, data validation, full Python async support and OpenAPI integration.

FastAPI has become meanwhile our primary choice for building REST services on top of Python...and if you are still using Flask for building REST service, then you are doing something wrong.

pp.server - Produce & Publish Server
Produce & Publish Python Client