March 1, 2011

Produce & Publish update

This a short update on the state of our Produce & Publish platform for Plone.

Some days ago we launched the new DGHO Onkopedia site which uses our Produce & Publish Authoring Environment heavily.

After one year with several Produce & Publish projects I came to the point where different customer requirements made a major refactoring of some parts of conversion pipeline necessary.

Right now I am working on a much simpler architecture for  the Produce & Publish Plone Client Connector and the Authoring Environment itself. Besides the more lean and flexible architecture, a number of new features will appear with the next major release (scheduled for early summer this year):

  • a document structure introspector
  • an image introspector
  • single-source publication for PDF and Web
  • flexible aggregation of content
  • HTML publishing: either a single (long) HTML document or chapter-wise HTML documents
  • HTML publishing: consistent enumeration of tables and images across chapter-wise HTML document
  • HTML Publishing: flexible navigation within splitted documents (previous-next navigation)
  • PDF generation: automatic table and image listings
  • PDF-per content project or per-chapter or both
  • (optional) auto-archiving of published content

This new version of the Authoring Environment will support Plone 4.0 or higher (no Plone 3.X support any more) and will use chEditor as new default editor.