July 6, 2013

Produce & Publish Status Update 3

Progress report from EuroPython 2013 in Florence

I spend several hours this week during the EuroPython 2013 conference in Florence bringing the Produce & Publish implementation forward.

  • The Produce & Publish server should be now in a stable state support both synchronous and asynchronous conversions.
  • Instead of using supervisord for controlling all processes I switched to Circus which fells more approachable and extensible.
  • The pp.server buildout now supports the automatic installation of all external converters (demo versions only!)
  • Support for PDF generation using PhantomJS has been added. This gives you decent PDF generation for free (including support for most CSS Paged Media extensions). PDF generation through PhantomJS should be good enough for sites that just need some kind of "good" PDF export. The feature list of PhantomJS and the quality is however clearly below the featured PrinceXML and PDFreactor converters.
  • The Python client bindings for Produce & Publish have also stabilized and support both synchronous and asynchronous conversion operations.