November 7, 2011

Produce & Publish Plone Client Connector released as open-source

Today we released our Produce & Publish Client Connector for Plone as open-source.

By doing this the Plone community will gain a fully functional infrastructure for generating PDF documents for free (and possible other office formats depending on the installed converters).

Free in this context means that you can use all related Produce & Publish components for free.

As free PDF converter you can use PISA which is installed automatically as part of the Produce & Publish server installation.

Using PISA gives you a reasonable PDF quality however you can not generate PDF e.g. containing an arbitrary table-of-contents since the functionality of PISA is way to limited here (you need PrinceXML as converter if you are interested in high-quality PDF documents).

A quick intro into using the Produce & Publish Client Connector for Plone:

  • setup the Produce & Publish server (see for details)
  • add zopyx.smartprintng.plone to the eggs option inside your buildout, re-run buildout and restart
  • zopyx.smartprintng.plone will not show up in the quick installer of Plone since it will only configure some additional browser views
  • check the documentation of the Plone Client Connector
  • in order to use the Plone Client Connector with PISA you must pass in an additional URL parameter like http://localhost:8080/Plone/front-page/@@asPlainPDF?converter=pdf-pisa

Note: the Produce & Publish Authoring Environment as a solution for Single-Source Multi-Channel Publishing remains a commercial component and therefore it is not freely available.