October 7, 2010

Produce & Publish Lite - PDF for the poor Plone soul

Produce & Publish Lite fills the gap between SmartPrintNG and the Produce & Publish components

I am pleased to announce the availability of Produce & Publish Lite.

Produce & Publish Lite can be considered as the replacement of SmartPrintNG and the little brother of the Produce & Publish product family (the Plone client connector in particular).

It implements a subset of the Produce & Publish Plone client connector:

  • it's free (as Apache FOP is free as well)
  • supports registration of arbitrary PDF templates and resources (same as with the Produce & Publish Plone client connector)
  • implements the same API as the Plone client connectors
  • supports Apache FOP only
  • does not support the Produce & Publish server (conversions happen directly within the Plone process)
  • no dedicated UI (as known as in SmartPrintNG

Do not expect the quality and features that are available with the standard Produce & Publish products.

The standard Produce & Publish products remain focused on high-quality PDF generation and enterprise-level functionality.