July 6, 2013

Produce & Publish Authoring Environment open-sourced

Our premier Plone-based PDF solution - worth 1500€ - from now on for free!

I am pleased to announce that our Produce & Publish Authoring Environment for Plone is now released as open-source. The Authoring Environment has been the only commercial component of Produce & Publish until today. With the ongoing work on the next generation of Produce & Publish I decided to make this remaining component available to the public in addition to all other components of the Produce & Publish stack that already existed in the past as open-source release. The Authoring Environment was formerly priced with 1500 €.

So now the complete update-to-date Produce & Publish stack is available for free and as open-source:

  • Produce & Publish Authoring Environment (zopyx.authoring)
  • Produce & Publish Plone Client Connector (zopyx.smartprintng.plone)
  • Produce & Publish Python Client (zopyx.smartprintng.python)
  • Low-level converter bindings (zopyx.convert2)

The current code-base will be maintained for the mid-term future although the focus of the development is clearly on the ongoing Produce & Publish work as documented and stated in former blog entries. One short time goal is to make the existing Authoring Environment working with the lastest new Produce & Publish components. This includes PDF conversion support (for free) using PhantomJS (with a reduced PDF quality).

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