September 22, 2011

Produce & Publish 2.1 released

A lot of polishing, fine-tuning and additional new features made it into the new Produce & Publish 2.1 release.


  • internal cleanup of the transformation code (switched from BeautifulSoup to lxml) resulted in a much better performance and higher stability
  • better handling of the conversion stylesheets (drag & drop support in the edit mode of the conversion folder view)
  • Publish-to-Dropbox: generated content can be upload directly into the Dropbox "cloud"
  • "Preflight" functionality for additional checks before running a conversion
  • better integration with Calibre; better handling of EPUB specific conversion parameters (e.g. coverpage, authors etc.)
  • new "My Authoring projects" portlet
  • cleanup functionality
  • better error checks and more robust conversions

Full release notes