March 17, 2010

A replacement for ATEvent as outcome of the Cathedral-Sprint in Cologne

Just left the Cathedral Sprint in Cologone after three days of successful sprinting. This was the most productive sprint I have ever attended. We had a clear goal for the sprint and we reached it with a great complementary team.

As an outcome we implemented - a replacement for ATEvent - which should make it into Plone 4.1.

Features of

  • drop-in replacement for ATEvent
  • new calendar widget with full internationalization and localization support
  • support for whole day events
  • support for events without end dates
  • proper export of whole day events to iCal
  • recurrence (work-in-progress)

Thanks to the fantastic calendaring sprint team:

  • Vincent Fretin - doing a great job on the calendar widget, jQuery UI integration and lots of code polishing
  • Johannes Raggam - working on recurrence issues and integration of RecurringIndex
  • Tom Gross and Rodrigo Ristow - core implementation and porting stuff from ATEvent, tests etc.

And our special thanks to GFU Cyrus AG, Cologne for hosting the sprint and their awesome financial support. It has been a pleasure spending three days at the GFU headquarter.