October 18, 2007

Plone 3 annoyances

Some minor ranting about Plone 3

First, Plone 3 is a great release, it is pretty much stable since the 3.0 release but:

  • customizing stuff like header, footer or so became too complicated. Performing trivial customizations is no longer easily possible - neither for a scripter nor for a developer. By moving stuff from portal_skins to browser views or viewlets we lost a lot of flexibility for making customizations. Some Plone 3 customers already complained about that - good for the solution provider, bad for the customer. Although I appreciate the cleaner architecture, it introduces too much complexity.  Example:  the recent portlet  is only available for  logged-in user.  If you want to make it available for anonymous users you have to subclass it and override its available() method. Sorry but that's the wrong way.

I think, that's it for now