February 26, 2008

New kids on the block: haufe.eggserver and haufe.releaser

Tools for building up a local (and private) egg repository

One of my customer is currently switching to zc.buildout and egg-based deployment in the mid-term. Since a lot of code is not intended for the public there was a need for a local egg repository. So far we have been using a filesystem containing the eggs that was made accessible through Apache. This worked fine with buildout and easy_install. However this solution lacked a nice web interface and the possibility for uploading eggs directly from setuptools into our own repository. This is  where haufe.eggserver and haufe.releaser comes in.


haufe.eggserver is a Grok-based implementation and provides a browsable  frontend to the local  distribution directory. Currently it provides only a listing for the packages and their distribution files. Support for showing the metadata and release notes is planned


haufe.releaser provides a new local_upload command for setuptools. local_upload  uploads your  eggs  or source code archives directly into a running haufe.eggserver instance.