December 6, 2014

Moving on with Plone and eXist-db integration

Four new XML related Dexterity fields

I decided to integrate eXist-db much tigher with Plone as initially planned (for strategic reasons). After heaving fighting with z3c.form I finally got to the point where I have now 4 new different Dexterity fields that store their data in eXist-db instead of the ZODB.

  • XMLText: this field holds an arbitrary XML document. XML validation is performed both client-side and server-side. The widget for XMLText is the ACE editor.
  • XMLXPath: this field can be used to pull in parts of an content from an arbitrary XMLText field by specifying the name of the XMLText field and an arbitrary XPath expression
  • XMLImage: as as the Dexerity image field but with eXist-db as storage
  • XMLBinary: same as the Dexterity file field but with eXist-db as storage