June 23, 2015

Moving forward with Elasticsearch and Plone

We are currently working on a better integration of Elasticsearch with Plone 4.3 and 5.0. The technical foundation of our work is the collective.elasticindex implementation by Infrae. While the collective.elasticindex add-on is working nicely out of the box, we have the need to bring the Elasticsearch integration of Plone a bit forward.

Project goals

  • support for Plone 4.3 and 5
  • proper support for multi-lingual content
  • language dependent analyzers on the Elasticsearch (german text should be analyzed in ES with the german analyzer etc)
  • more flexible configuration of the ES indicies
  • fast search feedback (find-as-you-type)
  • "real-time" filtering of search results by meta data (similar to extended search)
  • better highlighting support
  • easier customization of the search result list using Mustache

Right now we are moving fast and ripping and replacing old code with new code where needed. We hope to create an alpha release within the next weeks that will hopefully run on Plone 4.3 and Plone 5.