August 13, 2006

Migrated all sites to Plone 2.5

I've spent some time over the weekend to clean up my zoo of Plone instances for my ZOPYX domains. All sites were migrated into a single Zope 2.9.4 instance running Plone 2.5.

Visible changes are:

  • new site this site runs PloneHelpCenter and PloneSoftwareCenter and will replace the existing in the near future.  With this migration I will retire my own SoftwarePackageNG package because PloneHelpCenter and PloneSoftwareCenter became what SoftwarePackageNG was supposed to be.
  • moved to and now uses Quills 1.5. This site is also open now for joining in case you want to comment on a blog entry.
  • remained unchanged

To be honest: the migration went very smoothly compared to any other Plone migration in the past. I only had to tweak the i18n machinery
at one point because of some UTF-8 unicode conversion errors..not a big deal.