January 11, 2010

It's time to move on

Stepping down as Zope 2 release manager

I officially announced today my retreat from the position as Zope 2 release manager.

I have been serving the Zope community as release manager for almost seven years and now it is time to hand over the responsibility to some other person. This is not a retreat from the Python, Zope & Plone world but I have to  adjust my positions and tasks according to my own personal time and interests. Python, Zope and Plone will remain a major part of my own business with ZOPYX but I will also concentrate on my core competences and extend my activities in the field of electronic publishing. There will not be any changes with my commitment to the Zope Foundation and the DZUG where I am deeply involved in. I just need some more time for the fun and interesting things...Zope 2 will remain in the wild for some more years but I also have to keep up with with new technology like BFG.

Thank you all for the fish and I hope to see some of you at some upcoming conference or sprint!