December 6, 2016

Integration of Plone 5 with SMASHDOCS

SMASHDOCS is a web-based collaborative editor solution that we integrated with Plone 5...and the good thing: Smashdocs is available for free for NGOs.

We are proud to present the integration of  SMASHDOCS - "a web-based intelligent word processing platform" - with Plone 5.

Smashdocs allows you to work as a group of editors or commentators on documents. #

Smashdocs supports

  • the standard editor functionality in combination with change tracking
  • review of changes,
  • commenting,
  • approval or rejection of changes.

Smashdocs can be compared to Google Docs but it works completely different and it is much smarter about versioning, collaboration features and approving or rejecting changes.

Smashdocs supports (similar to Plone) a role-based access model:

  • Reader
  • Commentator
  • Editor
  • Approver

Existing DOCX content can be imported into Smashdocs through Plone. Smashdocs can generate various output formats like DOCX, PDF, EPub, HTML - formatted in the layout and look & feel of your corporate identity. A later version of our integration will be able to pull these formats automatically from Smashdocs and store them directly in Plone. So your documents can be made available for download (DOCX or PDF) and also published directly within the Plone CMS - within the same look and feel as your Plone 5 website.

Smashdocs offers various hosting options (public cloud, private cloud, self-hosted) - see the Smashdocs pricing options.

The integration of Smashdocs with Plone 5 is work-in-progress and is available as open-source here.

Smashdocs is available for free for elegible NGOs - please check the Smashdocs announcement.

You can test Plone 5 and Smashdocs on our Plone demo site


Andreas Jung/ZOPYX
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