June 19, 2009

Events in Plone - a better implementation: vs.event

Event handling in Plone and calendering in Plone is traditionally in some way a pain. In particular the standard Plone event type has several problems:

  • no proper handling of all-day events
  • no natural support for events having only a start date but on end date
  • an old-fashioned calendar widget with a fixed format YYYY-MM-DD (unacceptable for German users)
  • no support for recurring events
  • partly broken iCal support (especially with respect to all-day events)

As part of a customer project we created new event type vs.event (based on ideas, experiences and code of p4a.ploneevent, zopyx.multieventcalendar and another internal event implementation).

vs.event tries to approach most of the problems and provides the following functionality:

  • recurring events (based on p4a.ploneevent)
  • a new calendar widget
  • real support for all-day events
  • extended support for attendees and attachments (UI and iCal level)
  • working iCal/vCal export for all-day events
  • full integration with Plone4Artists calendar (must be installed seperately)
  • support for supplementary-events (one master event and several depending events)

vs.event integrates seemlessly with Plone4Artists calendar and gives you a pretty powerful calendaring solution.

The implementation is still in progress and basically needs some minor UI polishing and i18n contributions and fixes.

There is also PLIP 9302 for inclusion of the vs.event functionality with Plone 4.