July 30, 2014

EuroPython 2014 finally over - some notes ... Part 1

Some notes on EuroPython 2014 that ended last Sunday with over 1200 attendees.

EuroPython 2014 is finally over and it was a great success. We counted 1226 attendees which is an increase of more than 40 percent of the EuroPython 2013 in Florence. We received lots of positive and overwhelming feedback for organizing a full week with Python related stuff. I personally worked as head of communications since fall 2013 on EuroPython 2014. I wrote dozens of blog entries on blog.europython.eu, I was the public @europython voice on Twitter, most of the incoming helpdesk issues (more than 1200 JIRA tickets) went through my fingers and finally I worked together with Stefania Trabucchi on the automatic PDF generation for parts of the EuroPython 2014 brochure (generation of talks, speakers and schedule) and handled the setup of the EuroPython Guidebook application. I am personally very happy with the outcome of our work over the last nine months. This was really hard work with a small team, lots of ups and downs, lots of new experiences working many new people, many new challenges like dealing with upcoming shitstorm discussions (e.g. the diversity discussion around April on social media)...I learned a lot, I had fun, I had frustration but in the end we all had the same common goal: a EuroPython 2014 that would rock - and EuroPython 2014 rocked!!!

Part 2 - to be published soon - will cover some remarks on the experience with the EPS.