January 7, 2016

CSS Paged Media workshop XML Prague 2016

Join me at the XML Prague 2016 conference for hands-on-training on generating high-quality PDF documents from XML/HTML.

I will attend the XML Prague 2016 conference from February 11th to 13th and give a hands-on-training on

CSS Paged Media and generating high-quality PDF documents from XML/HTML

The training will involve a lot of live coding in order to show you what you ask and what want to see.

The training material will evolve over the next few weeks in our public repository https://github.com/zopyx/css-paged-media-tutorial.

The training consists of two slots:

  • slot one will teach  you the CSS Paged Media basics
  • slot two involves styling of a real world content document (HTML source with lots of chapters, images and tables)


  • Participants must have either PrinceXML 9/10 or PDFreactor 7/8 installed on their systems. Both converters are available for free for private or evaluation purposes. The trainer can assist you with the installation on Mac or Linux (not with Windows) but please make sure that you install the converter before the tutorial in order to safe time for the real cool stuff. We will eventually look at the new Vivliostyle Formatter.
  • Particpants must have basic skills in HTML and CSS.


Andreas Jung is working in the electronic publishing business for almost 20 years. Andreas is a Python & Plone freelancer, works on large internet and web applications, publishing solutions and funder of the Produce & Publish and XML Director projects.

Further information on CSS Paged Media