February 2, 2010

CMFBibliography 1.0.0 beta available - please test

CMFBibliographyAT (originally written by Raphael Ritz) is one of the oldest add-ons for Plone and widely used within universities using Plone.

I am now happy to announce that we are reaching the final 1.0.0 version after years :-)


This version does not include many new features (compared to the widely 0.9 branch) but here is an (incomplete list) of changes:

  • runs on Plone 3.X
  • tons of fixes
  • refactored Plone integration and backend processing (parsing, rendering)
  • lots of changes and fixes related to import/export procedures
  • fixes various encoding issues with import/exports
  • all tests fixed
  • compatible with ATBiblioStyles and BibfolderFlexibleView

Please test and report bugs to


This work was made possible with funding of the Humboldt University of Berlin.