August 27, 2008

Blackforest Sprint ending soon

The Blackforest Sprint is coming to an end after three days of intensive working.

Some of the results in short:

  • a new package z3c.pypimirror has been created in order to prepare a more reliable and fault-tolerant PyPI mirroring infrastructure for the future
  • Jim Fulton, Christian Theune, Dieter Maurer and Laurence Rowe were working on ZODB issues. The foundation for several ZODB improvements like a more pluggable ZODB architecture have been laid. Other improvements like a better control over the ZODB cache sizes will likely pop up in next major ZODB release.
  • Major progres has been achieved in the eggification of Zope 2.12 (Hanno Schlichting, Florian Schulze, Godefroid Chapelle)
  • Andi Zeidler and Simon Pamiés were working on a Grok application where you can point to a existing Zope instance. It will fulltext-index all your ZCML files and provide a UI for searching through your ZCML configuration.
  • The Devilstick team made significant progres on the project (sorry, but I don't know about the details :-))

Click here for some sprint impressions.