May 14, 2018

Why "Guillotina" is a horrible and tasteless name for an open-source project

The Guillotina project (Python AsyncIO REST API Framework) is an example for a horrible and tasteless project name.


  • a guillotina was used by the Nazi regime to kill thousands of resistance fighters during 1939-1945. This includes the resistence group "Weise Rose". There leaders - Hans and Sophie Scholl - were murded and killed with a guillotina (among various others)
  • beheading was one of the cruel killing and terror methods by ISIS over the last years
  • beheading is still the primary death penalty method in "modern" Saudi Arabia


The history of the Guillotina dates back to the French revolution in the 1789 and of course more than two centuries have passed.  However there is no to place for joking about a method for kiling people that is still in use until today. 

The "joke" of naming the project "Guillotina" is that is represents an implementation of a "headless" got the point...they wanted to be funny but in the end the choice of the project name is horrible and tasteless.